Custom design

A shirt from Burgos begins its creation process with the choice of fabric from the sample books of the best companies, where you will find a wide variety of poplins, voiles, fil à fil or linens, to name but a few. If the customer does not find the fabric he wants, we look for it among suppliers of recognised international prestige.

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12 measurements are taken, taking into account the client's physiognomy and the use to which the garment will be put.


In this step, the customer is advised and the type of collar, cuffs, interlinings, and details of the garment, such as the darts, placket and pockets, among others, are selected. It is also indicated if the customer wants it embroidered.




With the measurements that have been taken, a pattern is made on paper, both for the neck and the body, which will be kept on file. This pattern is then transferred to the fabric and cut by hand. By cutting the fabric by hand it is possible to adapt it perfectly to the customer's physiognomy.

Our handmade shirts are finished by hand, hand stitching is more flexible than machine stitching. Except for the collar and cuffs, the rest of the shirt can be entirely hand sewn.



It is important to try on the shirt, especially if it is the first one made in our house. In this way we can check whether it is to the customer's taste or whether any modifications need to be made. The pattern is kept for future orders and no further measurements are necessary if the customer's physiognomy does not change.