Tailor-made shirts in Madrid

The made-to-measure shirts in Madrid that we make in Camisería Burgos are of high quality, because our tailors are in charge of taking all the necessary measurements with which we make a pattern on paper that we keep for the convenience of our customers, so they can place their orders comfortably without having to reschedule an appointment to measure you, as long as your physiognomy does not change. We also take advantage of the moment to choose the type of shirt, which can be a dress shirt, casual shirt, polo shirt, guayabera, etc., as well as other details such as buttons, collar, cuffs, fabrics, embroidery and any other element. 

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Enjoy the comfort and elegance of our made-to-measure shirts.

If you want to enjoy a men's sahariana jacket, either for winter or summer, in tweed with or without sleeves, in Camisería Burgos we make it with all the details for you to enjoy its comfort, elegance and presence.

But in Camisería Burgos there are many other garments that we make, among which you will find thebes, trench coats, jackets, dressing gowns, boxers, pyjamas and pullovers, always guaranteeing a quality product totally tailored to your needs..


The best made-to-measure shirts in Madrid

The procedure that has established us as a reference when it comes to providing excellent made-to-measure shirts begins with the choice of fabric, in the event that the customer requests a special fabric that we do not have, we take care of finding it. We then take 12 measurements and take into account your physiognomy and the use you want to give to the shirt, the customer selects, with the advice of our experts, the type of cuffs, collar, interlining, darts, placket, wallet and embroidery, among other details.

In Camisería Burgos you will get the best made to measure shirts in Madrid, since we have more than 100 years of antiquity, founded in 1906 we offer quality and tradition in this house in which the most select and demanding customers trust, among which you can find members of the royal family, businessmen, bullfighters, actors and young people who value the craftsmanship we offer, always with quality fabrics and materials, with a personalized treatment to the customer to enjoy elegant and functional garments that offer them the image and comfort they are looking for in every occasion.

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