Burgos Camisería

Its history

The emblematic Camisería Burgos was founded in 1906 by Julián P. Burgos and later acquired by Santiago Olave.

Historically and to this day, Burgos stands for quality, traditional made-to-measure shirting. For years it also had a home in Paris. Our distinguished clientele includes members of the royal family, the country's leading businessmen, bullfighters, actors and nowadays, also young executives from all over the world who appreciate this high quality craftsmanship.

Today, in its third generation, we are adapting the business to the new times, maintaining quality and personalised customer service.


The quality of Burgos attracted international figures such as Cary Grant, Orson Wells, Picasso and Ava Gardner, among others.

We currently collaborate with major film production companies, making shirts for films by Woody Allen, Adrien Brody, Sharon Stone, Jeff Goldblum and Andy Garcia.

Some of our best clients are based in the United States and the United Kingdom, countries to which we travel every year.